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Teddy's is a doggy daycare club based in Northampton, UK. With over 500 pups coming through our door since 2010 we love spending our time making fun videos and photos for our dog-loving followers.

We are always posting cute videos and personal pup journeys, with our most popular video reaching over 20 Million views! 

Having fun with dogs
since 2010!

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We are a dog care business actively influencing on social media with our largest platform, TikTok but also on Facebook Instagram and Twitter.  We are an influencer / micro influencer and can promote your product or brand with our videos, photos and posts.

White Washed Wood

Expect to see plenty of celebration days, because we do like a celebration, no matter what the occasion! We created an Easter egg hunt for Easter, and we even go all out for world book day, pancake day (dog-friendly of course), Christmas and of course every birthday!

You’ll be able to see updates on the puppies day to day, viral trends and keep up with our furry friends as much as you wish (hopefully all the time!) 


Check out our recent TikToks and our most popular videos to date!

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We LOVE to collaborate with brands on TikTok and make videos showing off your business with the help of our little dogs! We've worked with brands like Hunter Boots for their Killing Eve release, Pawsome Paw Boutique with their stylish dog accessories and we also received a vegan collar from Nina Woof to give to one of our pups!

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