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Our story

Teddy's Doggy Day Care was established in 2010 after Teddy came into my life. He is so much more than just a dog, he is a huge part of the family and it is my pleasure to love and provide for him.  I wanted to offer my love and care to other small friendly dogs and started to spread the word.    I was pleased to discover so many more families who felt the same about their dogs and we soon became a popular choice of dog sitter locally for day care and walking in Northampton.   

Jump to today and we are now based at 'The Lodge' in Wootton Northampton.  A 25,000sqft location offering a secure adventure paddock, enclosed garden area and all the home comforts your best friends are accustomed to.


Teddy's has since grown to a very special small team who all share the same passion.  We are all first aid trained with ample experience to provide focussed care.    If it's ok with you your dog may get a little spoilt while they're with us.   Tummy tickles come for free!

Cockapoo in Water at Teddys Dogs
Two Dogs at Teddys Dogs

Here at Teddy's, we truly enjoy the company of dogs.  We feel honoured that people choose us as their dog sitter to care for such an important family member, whether they are a young puppy or elderly, we can tailor to their needs.

Our unique location, based in Northampton is a cage-free day care home environment and offers a large secure grassed paddock which is perfect for focussed enrichment, games and off-lead exercise.  The smaller enclosed garden area is suited to the devoted sun worshiper, shade seeker or those looking for a more chilled vibe.

Don't forget to look out for photo updates on our social media.  It could be your doggy in the spotlight next!

A perfect service

A home away from home

We wanted to create a unique space, different to typical dog sitters or day care centres. The main building at our Northampton premises has been lovingly designed to be a home environment.

Soft furnishings, toys, beds, blankets and an endless supply of fresh water are always available.   A dedicated member of the team is constantly on hand should your beloved pooch need to be tucked in, played with or given the space they require.

We are able to feed your little ones.  All you have to do is provide their food, or we can supply this from our shop, and we will make sure they can enjoy this separately from the group at their own pace.  Additionally we are experienced in administering medication (oral and intravenous) and all team members are first aid trained.

It's so important to us that a day at Teddy's is a happy one and that they look forward to coming back time and time again.

Dog Relaxing at Teddys Dogs Dog Sitters Northampton

We have extensive knowledge on dog behaviour,  competent and experienced in administering medication (oral and intravenous), we are trained in animal first aid with extensive DBS (police) check, we registered, fully insured and also have been awarded a FIVE STAR licence issued by the Council. Our awards include Dog Friendly, Lux Pet Products & Services, Business Woman 2021, Pet Industry Federation Day Care of the Year.

Established in 2010

Teddy at Teddys Doggy Day Care


Teddy Bear


The one who gave the idea of Teddy's Dog Care way back in 2010.

Fun Fact:  Teddy has been on TV 3 times!

Michelle the Founder at Teddys Dogs


Owner / Founder

The one who never wanted to leave her dog so set up a company to help others who felt the same.

Fun Fact:  Teddy is Michelle's first ever dog.

Robyn the Video Guru at Teddys Doggy Day Care


Tummy Tickler & TikTok Master

The one who makes the viral content, videographer with a a mean tummy fuss.

Fun Fact: Robyn can't dance

"setting a

Paige the Brand Master at Teddys Doggy Day Care


Marketing & Social Media

The one who gets creative and keeps our brand identity on track.

Fun Fact:   Paige can run really fast!

White Washed Wood

Why are we different?

Small dogs only
Adventure paddock

Enclosed garden

Homely environment
5 star rated
Meet our special team ......




Teddy's Dog Care


Day Care

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Animal Boarding Licence 19/00262/AWCDB

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