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Puppy Social Club 

Socialise your puppy at an early age with our puppy socialisation classes. Think of it like a puppy play date, designed for you and your pup to meet other puppies and new puppy owners alike in a safe environment at our premises in Northampton. Must be under 6 months and fully vaccinated.

Puppy at a Puppy Socialisation Class with Teddys Dogs





We welcome puppies and their owners to our doggy day care space in Northampton for a one hour puppy socialisation class. 


These sessions help your dog to develop good behaviour skills around other dogs and humans, as well as providing an outlet for all their love and energy in our secure indoor and outdoor space at our premises in Northampton. 


Whether you have a nervous or over-excited pup, we have a welcoming environment to support them. Plus, our knowledgeable staff are on hand to give advice on puppy care & support for new owners. It is also a great opportunity to see our premises should you choose to send your dog to our day care or use our dog walking services in future.


As your pups make new friends so can you with our complimentary tea and biscuits!

How it works 

The importance of puppy socialisation

Don’t underestimate your puppy’s need for socialisation. One of the most important exercises we carry out in our classes is socialisation to sounds and other puppies. The most crucial time for learning canine communication with other dogs is around 7 to 16 weeks of age, known as the human socialisation period. Our cut off point is 6 months, as this is the age they begin to enter adolescence. However, we can recommend follow-on training classes following this. 


Experiences during the first year of a dog’s life can make all the difference to their future temperament and character. Taking the time to socialise your puppy can result in a friendly, well-adjusted adult dog who enjoys the company of people and other dogs. They will learn vital social skills and confidence.  Our puppy socialisation classes at our Northampton premises are not only the foundation to the future of your puppy’s life, they will also help get your puppy responding to you more. Our puppy club will help you gain an understanding of responsible dog ownership and the psychology of puppy training. It will also provide you with the best understanding of your pet and teach you what to do when your puppy performs unwanted puppy behaviours.

Puppy at Teddys Social Club
Puppy Class Northampton
Puppy at Puppy Socialisation Class
Puppy at a Puppy Socialisation Class Northampton

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 Puppy Social Club!


Attentive response to name 

Play with owner

Social manners


What you and your puppy will gain 


Introduction and socialisation with other humans and dogs

Noise exposure at distance to combat sound sensitivity

Handling and inspection to maintain health 

This is a private puppy socialisation class for small breed dogs under the age of 6 months old, but fully vaccinated. We have a spacious, sanitised indoor area in Northampton that is specifically designed to be safe and dog friendly. Your pups are also welcome to explore our secure outdoor area where they will most likely end up finding a buddy and playing.


Our puppy socialisation classes in Northampton cost £10 to attend a one hour session and typically run on Saturdays and Sundays


How to find us


Teddys is located just 1 minute from the A45 and less than 5 minutes from the M1.  Our venue is gated so completely secure and there is plenty of parking. 

Book now! 


We love teaching your new puppy to develop important socialisation skills that will benefit them throughout their whole life. Please book and pre-pay to secure your place. 


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