Chinese Crested Powderfuff

Day care


Whether you are working long hours, fancy going out for the day 'dog-free', decorating or any other reason then your little one can come and spend the day with us.


During the day they can treat our house as their own and we go for a at least one walk a day.   We have lots of cosy places where they can snuggle and snooze and there are ample toys in the house and garden to keep them amused .. thats if they are not too busy playing with our other small guests and Teddy.


They are welcome to have breakfast and dinner here too and any other requests can be catered for.


Your dog can come and try us out,  this will give them a settling in period and give you peace of mind.

  • Walks included

  • Home comforts

  • Free photo updates

  • Bespoke service for your dog

  • Small, friendly dogs only

  • Fully insured & licensed

Pug boarding




Your dog will share the comfort of our home and be free to roam in our secure garden, a 'home from home' for your doggy.

Our values are simple when it comes to care, We want to give your dog the same love, care and routine that you give. 

They will be treated as part of the family, just like at home. We have at least one walk a day but can alter our routine to your needs. Administering medication or any other special requests can be catered for.  Feeding will also be the same as at home - we really do tailor their stay to exactly your wishes.


Fresh water in every room and a dedicated 'doggy room' if they want to disappear for a snooze or need feeding seperately.

Playing ball, chasing Teddy, fusses and tummy tickles are all included.

  • Free meet & greet

  • Walks included

  • Real family home

  • Bespoke to your requirements

  • Fully insured & licensed


Norfolk Terrier


We walk in safe and friendly places, we even have a private, secure & enclosed field for our own personal use.  If your dog is allowed off lead they will wear a tag with my telephone number on.  We only let your dog off lead if you give us permission to do so.  


We can accommodate solo walks if your dog is nervous or group walks if they would like the company of others. Larger group walks are never done alone and are always very carefully managed.  


I can collect your dog from your home and take them walking for an hour or half an hour and then return them home afterwards, fully excersised, happy & refreshed.  In my vehicle I have a crates for travelling or if preferred I can use a seat belt buckle.  I always have water and a bowl with me when we go walking,  and a few treats of course!

  • Free meet & greet

  • Fully insured

  • Water bowl refill

  • Poo bags provided

  • Towel down / paw wash

  • Photo updates




House Sitting

There could be reasons why your pet may not be be able to board at our house.   Maybe we have no places, perhaps he's a large breed (or cat!) or would be nervous around other dogs.   We can still help by offering to stay at your house.   
With our house sitting service your pet/pets get to stay at their own home and we come to them!
Please contact us for more details, we can accommodate anything from a pop in visit to a full overnight stay.
  • Fully insured sitters

  • Comfort of your own familiar home

  • Tailored to your needs

  • Photo updates