Day care

Whether you are working long hours, fancy going out for the day 'dog-free', decorating or any other reason then your little one can come and spend the day with us.


We have a large home from home environment located at The Lodge in Wootton, Northampton.  Our furry guests are encouraged to treat the space as their own home.  We have many cosy places where they can snuggle and snooze or if they prefer to play, ample toys and other small friendly dogs to keep them amused.   

Teddy's boasts two outdoor areas.  A secure large grassed paddock with tunnels, mounds and trees and a separate enclosed grassed garden with a patio and play equipment.   We offer enrichment activities throughout the day for those wishing to burn off excess energy or, alternatively, a quieter chill out zone for the less enthusiastic.


They are welcome to have breakfast and dinner here too and any other requests can be catered for. 

Enquire today to book your place on one of our FREE 'Meet & Greet' sessions.   We'd love to hear from you!

Doggy Day Care

Puppy Social Club

Socialise your puppy at an early age (full vaccinated & under 6 months) with our Puppy Play Dates.   These are designed for you and your pup to enjoy a safe place to meet other puppies and new puppy owners alike.

These one hour sessions help your dog develop good behaviour skills around other dogs and humans, as well as provide an outlet for all their love and energy in a safe and secure environment both indoors and outside in our secure garden.

Whether you have a nervous or over-excited pup, we have a welcoming environment to support them and our knowledgeable staff are on hand to give advice on puppy care & support for new owners.

As your pups make new friends so can you with our complimentary tea and biscuits.

Puppy Play Dates


Teddy's has a range of trusted dog walkers located throughout Northampton offering solo or group walks for 30 or 60 minute slots.


We choose where we walk carefully, ensuring the area is safe.  Should you wish your dog to be walked off lead we will only do so with your consent.   We also have our own private secure paddock specifically for Teddy's friends.


Each dog has a tag attached to their collar with Teddy's contact details for extra peace of mind.   All of our dog walkers are fully insured, supply their own compostable poop bags, refresh water bowls, towel dry / wash paws and send photo updates.

If you would like to book your FREE meet and greet, get in touch today!

Small Dog Walker
Prices from £10

Drop & shop

Your dog can come and enjoy our amazing facilities for just an hour. Maybe you are passing by, have an appointment or need to go to the shops. This is also a great opportunity for them to come and meet us for a shorter period of time if they need a series of 'settling in' sessions.Your dog will get to enjoy all the fun and see their friends but just for a shorter period.

Please note this service is currently unavailable but please keep checking back for updates,or subscribe to our newsletter.
secure paddock day care
Prices from £10