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Everything you need to know when choosing a doggy daycare - from the experts!

You’ve decided to send your dog to daycare, you’ve spoken to friends and family, you’ve looked around, and now it’s time to make a decision. What next?

Here’s our definitive guide to the top factors to consider when choosing a doggy daycare for your fur baby!

Firstly, have a thorough look around!

Always make sure to plan a visit to see exactly where your dog will spend their day, who they’ll be with, and what they’ll be doing.

Take some notes on if the dogs are friendly and social together. One of the main reasons you might send your dog to a doggy daycare is for the social aspect, so you want to make sure it’s a safe environment where the dogs are calm and quiet. If the daycare you’re visiting isn’t very peaceful and your dog is quite shy, would they find noisy and chaotic environments overwhelming and uncomfortable? If so, then maybe seek other options out there!

Try and imagine your pup with the staff and other dogs

Do the staff look like they love their jobs and are actively engaging with the pups? Is the indoor and rest space big enough? Is there enough open space for the dogs to spread out or are they cramped? If it's too cramped, having lots of dogs in close confinement can lead to scuffles and boisterous dogs, which can overwhelm quieter or older dogs and puppies.

Do a quick check around

Are there any children or cats on the premises?

Please make sure to bear in mind that any establishment with young children will not be insured or licensed, as it's a standard requirement for doggy daycares.

Ask the important questions

Chat with and ask questions of the dog carers themselves as they will be the ones who have direct day-to-day contact with the dogs. Don’t be afraid to pose a lot of different difficult questions, as we’re sure that any doggy daycare owner will be more than happy to answer to give you peace of mind

Consider your dog’s safety

You will always want to know that your pup is in safe hands whether you are on holiday, a day out, working, renovating your house etc, so it’s best to ask the important questions that ensure you’re leaving your pup in the right hands!

  • What is the maximum number of dogs you may have at any one time? How often do dogs get injured and what happens?

  • Have they expelled dogs and how often does this happen? Are there certain breeds they don’t accept? Do they throw balls/sticks etc? While this sounds fun, in a group dynamic many normally placid dogs become competitive and may nip. Sticks can also be very dangerous.

  • Are the dogs transported and if so for how long versus time spent in the fields?

  • Do they take unneutered (entire) males that are over 6 months old? The answer should be no. This is not so good for inexperienced or new operators who need to fill spaces. In a group dynamic, testosterone is not a good thing!

Will my dog be left unattended? And what's your daily routine?

Other than obvious dog safety and the process if an incident takes place, you will want to know if your dog will ever be left alone or if they can have any quiet time and even what their daily routine is. They should be comfortable informing you and potentially showing you examples of this as you walk around the doggy daycare.

  • Will my elderly/shy dog be able to have some quiet time or are all the dogs together?

  • Where will my dog spend its time?

  • Will he be left unattended and if so, for how long and if he is unattended, where will he be left? Will he be crated or shut in a confined space and will he be left alone with other dogs?

  • What is your average daily routine?

  • My dog will need medicine for a period of time, who will be administering this?

Always ask to see a copy of their insurance and home boarding license

They will be proud to show you their licensing documents, this is the law.

Check out our reviews and what we offer at Teddys to keep your mind at bay when leaving your fur baby in a new environment! We also offer puppy socialisation so you can see your pup socialise with other dogs right in front of you, whilst you get to know other dog parents who send their dog to Teddys too!

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