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Licensed Home Dog Boarding / Day Care, Northampton

With holiday season fast approaching we get lots of enquiries for home dog boarding but we are rarely asked if we hold a valid insurance policy or if we are licensed and regulated by the local authority.

Please don't be afraid to ask us, or any other company to view the boarding license and insurance documents. This is in place to protect your dogs.

There are now hundreds of unlicensed and uninsured boarding companies operating in the UK, and some even advertising that they are.

Licensed home boarders have to follow strict regulations. Boarders (which includes day care) are inspected a minimum of once a year by the local authority to ensure the house is suitable for dogs and to ensure welfare standards are met. More complex regulations include infection control, staff training and competency, first aid management, enrichment, fire safety and more. All of these regulations are in place for the benefit of you and your dog.

Unlicensed boarders are not only breaking the law, they are putting dogs at risk. They do not receive guidance from the local authority, they don't usually follow regulations and even if they do have an insurance policy in case something goes wrong it will be invalidated as they are not licensed under the Animal Boarding Establishments & Animal Welfare Act.

Sadly there has been numerous articles in the press recently about unlicensed boarders not sufficiently taking care of other peoples dogs which include neglect, catastrophic injures and in some cases even death. Please ask lots of questions and make sure whoever you choose to look after your dog is not only a genuine animal lover but can prove that they are responsible by showing the relevant documents.

If you would like any information on licensed home boarding services please do get in touch with us or your local authority, you can often check on your local authority website for a list of licensed establishments.

Please see the list for Northampton Borough Council on the link below:

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