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Lara Gets DNA Test!

I first met Lara 2 years ago after she was rescued from the streets of Hungary. She came over to England and moved into a home with her new family. She was approx 2 years old, she had been fending for herself on the streets and had mothered at least one litter.

The first time I visited her she had not been with her new family for very long and was still very nervous of her new surroundings, everything was new to her from walking on the lead to having a comfy warm bed to sleep in. Fortunately Lara was always friendly with other dogs but was nervous of some humans. I started taking her out for walks and her confidence grew and grew. It didn't take long before she, with a little help from her pack of new friends, started to run around off lead and come back on recall.

Lara soon bonded with one of our friends Harry, they have become inseparable! Lara comes over to Teddy's for boarding and daycare too and loves it when Harry is over at the same time.

Lara's family were intrigued as to what breeds she might be and sent off for a DNA test. I was very emotional when I saw the results!

Level 1 - Not present. This means 75% or more of one breed is not present

Level 2 - Poodle

Level 3 - Briard & Cocker Spaniel

Level 4 - Not present. This is 10 - 20% of one breed

Level 5 - Labrador Retriever

Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier


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