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Zeus the world's tallest dog dies just before his 6th birthday

The Great Dane measured 44 inches from paw to shoulder and when he stood on his back legs was an incredible 7ft 4in high.

The world's tallest dog - who was an incredible 3ft 6in from paw to shoulder - has died just just before his 6th birthday.

Zeus the Great Dane weighed 11 stone and munched his way through 15lb of food a week.

When he stood on his back legs he was an incredible 7ft 4in high.

His giant size caused some practical issues at his home in Otsego, Michigan, US.

When Zeus lay on the sofa watching TV, owners Denise and Kevin Doorlag, and their son Nicholas had to sit elsewhere.

He hit the headlines worldwide when he named the world's tallest living dog in the 2012 Guinness World Records - breaking the previous record by one inch.

Zeus was so big, that children sometimes mistook him for a horse.

Kevin Doorlag said he will miss how happy Zeus made people when they met him.

"Those are some of the things I'll never forget about him. He was definitely a great dog," he told M Live.


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