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We love big dogs too!

Here at Teddy's its not just small dogs we care about, unfortunately we can't offer day care or boarding to larger dogs but would be delighted to help out by offering home visits or walking.

For anyone working long hours or going out for a full day and not wanting to leave your big pooch home alone all day we can pop round for a play and let them out for a wee or even take them on a walk. We can do a local walk or hop in the car to visit some countryside. If your dog wants to be walked alone or with other dogs we can accomodate this.

I've recently been going to visit Ollie at lunch times, he is fabulous. His owners take him for a run before they go to work and walk him again in the evening but I pop round at lunch time for a play just to break his day up. He greets me with a smile and is an absolute pleasure to spend time with. Look at him and you'll understand ....


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